Information heliport/helikopterflygplats - Danderyds sjukhus

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Information heliport/helikopterflygplats

ESHD Danderyd Hospital Heliport Stockholm (pdf)                             

ESHD                                            12 JUN-15

Danderyds sjukhus



Lokated on ground approximately 300 m west Danderyds sjukhus

Proportion/dimension för HKP EC-135 and
AS 365

Ambulance- and rescueflights only

PPR 15 min PN H24 +46 (0)8 45 42 362 SOS Rescue Coordination Centre

The lightning on FATO/ Heliport can be illuminated by transmitting at freq. 122.875, 1 long (7 sec) +4 short (within 1.8 sec).

Emergency Reception: 08012355671

Switcboard: 0812355000



Class H 1 < 15 m, 2 hose spray lines with foam injectors

4 portable fireequipments (12 kg)


Drone rules for Danderyd Hospital ESHD/Information angående drönarflygning (pdf)